LCL FILM® wood grain vinyl wrap is a self-adhesive interior decorative film used as commercial interior decoration material and adhesive decorative foil to revamp your home furniture, doors, kitchen cabinets, walls, and so on.


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Wood Grain Vinyl Wraps Factory

Are you looking for a good supplier of quality wood grain vinyl wrap for distributing? Are you looking for a good supplier who can customize the best wood grain vinyl wrap for your bespoke project? Well, LCL Films produces multiple styles of wood grain vinyl wraps for every non-porous surface. We have designed each type of vinyl wrap to give you high-end results.

Specifications Of Wood Grain Vinyl Wrap

  • Material: PVC + self-adhesive back paper
  • Roll Size: 1220mm * 50M
  • Ideal Application Temperature: 12℃ ~ 38℃ (54F ~ 100F)
  • Storage Conditions: Ideal storage temperature: 12℃ ~ 35℃, store the film in a clean dry environment free from direct sunlight. Use within 2 years of purchase.
  • Package: 50M/roll packed in carton box
  • OEM: Dealers’ brands are welcome


Door Vinyl Wrap

Revamp the looks of wood, PVC, MDF, WPC, steel, fiberglass, and any other door using these wood grain vinyl wraps for doors. In addition to their aesthetic value, these vinyl wraps repel water, moisture, and other elements that would lower the lifespan of doors.

Furniture Vinyl Wrap

Our wood grain vinyl wraps for furniture come in different colors that match different furniture finishes. They stick effortlessly on wood, melamine, plywood, and any other non-porous material used to make furniture. You can heat stretch them to cover curves on furniture.

Cabinets Vinyl Wrap

Our wood grain vinyl wrap is a cost-friendly solution to waterproof and improves the artistic appeal of kitchen cabinets. The vinyl wraps conform to contours smoothly, and they stick on most non-porous materials used in kitchen cabinets without issue.

Car Vinyl Wrap

Available in multiple styles, our wood grain vinyl wraps provide a hyper-realistic wood finish to a car’s bumper, bonnet, roof, spoiler, and any other interior or exterior surface. The vinyl wraps don’t fade or crack when exposed to direct sunlight.

Metal Vinyl Wrap

With striking looks of real wood, our vinyl wraps give window or door profiles an excellent resistance to water, mold, and UV damage. The wood grain vinyl wraps can withstand any torture from Mother Nature for an extended period.

Wall Vinyl

Textile and velvet colors are free for using on wallcoverings, gift boxes wraps. They have a texture of real fabric and velvet cloth.



UV Resistance

Stain Resistance

Fire Retardant




Self adhesive back paper, with air bubble grooves. Adhesive material conforms to EU regulations and standards.
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We designed our PVC wood grain vinyl wrap to give your PVC doors, furniture, or any other PVC panel an attractive wood grain finish. Apart from improving the aesthetic value of PVC panels, our wood grain vinyl wraps protect PVC from fading, discoloration, and any other UV damage.
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We pass our wood grain vinyl wraps through rigorous quality checks to ensure that our clients get consistent quality in every batch of wood grain vinyl wraps they order from us. Our products have excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and UV damage.
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A Wood Grain Vinyl Wrap From LCL Film

Customized Solutions

We use unique styling trends derived from customer ideologies to make wood grain vinyl wraps that stand out. We can go the extra mile of making a vinyl wrap that matches your specific needs. Feel free to contact us if you need customized vinyl wraps.

High Quality

We offer high-value wood grain vinyl wraps. We use advanced technology and dependable customer philosophies to design and improve the quality of our vinyl wraps. We assure you that each wood grain vinyl wrap from our company will stand the test of time, as well as help you create great décor finishes.

Fast Delivery

Our logistic team works all round the clock to deliver customer orders on time. You will not pause your project just because the wood grain vinyl wraps you ordered took forever to get to the project site. We understand that you need an edge against business rivals. That is why we have a competitive pricing strategy to help you make a profit without exaggerating the price of your end products.

Since 2013, we have defended the number one slot in manufacturing and supplying quality wood grain vinyl wraps, and their supporting products. Our durable products won’t let you or your customers down. LCL Film understands that clients are different. For that reason, our technicians focus on manufacturing a variety of vinyl wraps to match the unique tastes of each client we serve. So, you will hardly miss the right vinyl wrap for your ideal applications. To date, we have sold millions of wood grain vinyl wraps to clients from the furniture, home décor, and automotive industries. We remain unbeaten on providing durable, attractive, and competitively priced wood grain vinyl wraps.

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Wood Grain Vinyl Wrap-The Complete FAQ Guide

Wood Grain Vinyl Wraps Give A Lustrous Appearance, Warmth, And Feel Of Real Wood To Less Appealing Surfaces. Nonetheless, Many People Are Yet To Tap The Commercial Benefits Of This Trend Since It Is Quite New. Are You One? Here Are Insightful Solutions To The Common Concerns That Might Have Been Keeping You Back.

1. Wood grain vinyl wraps: What are they?

They are thin vinyl films designed to improve the looks of various non-porous surfaces.

As the name implies, these vinyl films have the appearance, warmth, and touch of real wood.

The wraps come in multiple colors and wood grain variations to let you choose the most appropriate design for your applications.

They are widely used in the furniture, home décor, and motor vehicle decoration sectors.

There is another type of wood grain vinyl film. It’s non-self-adhesive, and it’s mainly used by furniture factories. Learn more about it.


2. What are the constituents of wood grain vinyl wraps?

Wood grain vinyl wraps are designed from synthetic raw materials like polyvinyl chloride, pigments, UV stabilizers, and plasticizer.

Even though they look like real wood, these films aren’t made of lumber.

Our company, LCL Films, understands that PVC is environmentally harmful when handled carelessly.

For that reason, we observe strict manufacturing and environmental conservation standards to minimize pollution.

Moreover, our vinyl wraps go through strict quality checks to ensure that you get the premium quality we promise.

They won’t be disposed of after short use.


3. Why use wood grain vinyl wraps?

There are countless reasons to use wood grain vinyl wraps on furniture, cabinets, counters, car, and any non-porous surface.

The primary ones are:

  • Wood grain vinyl wraps protect surfaces from water and moisture damage.
  • They shield surfaces from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.
  • They improve the aesthetic appeal of furniture, wood, and cars.
  • Wrapping surfaces with wood grain vinyl is less expensive than painting.
  • The wraps conceal minor imperfections like scratches.
  • Wood grain vinyl wraps don’t need any furnishing after use.


4. Is wood grain vinyl wrap good for decorating cars?

Yes. Wood grain vinyl wraps are great for cars.

Vinyl car wrapping is rapidly growing as one of the best decoration trends in the world’s motor vehicle industry.

When applied professionally, vinyl wraps will:

  • Shield a car’s original paint from weather elements
  • Lift a car’s aesthetic value
  • Conceal small scratches on a car’s paint
  • Give a unique finish that cannot be achieved from painting.
  • Minimize the costs of maintaining a car’s original paint


5. How durable are wood grain vinyl wraps?

Wood grain vinyl wraps are made from stabilized PVC with excellent resistance to sunlight, extreme temperature, and abrasion.

Given that, they can last for many years before you consider replacing them.

On average, a well-maintained wood grain vinyl wrap can last for at least five years.

But, the wood grain vinyl wraps may not last long when subjected to high temperatures, regular abrasion, and any other abuse.


6. Can you cover wood with wood grain vinyl wrap?

Yes, you can cover wood grain vinyl wrap on wood and wooden surfaces.

Wood grain vinyl wrap is often used for furniture vinyl wrap. For example, it’s used for membrane press on MDF furniture shutters, laminated on plywood/wooden/particle panels.

People use this film to conceal imperfections on wood, as well as give furniture, cabinets, doors, and counters, a uniform appearance.

However, the vinyl wraps cannot stick properly if a wooden surface is rough, and is covered with sawdust or any other dirt.

So, before you stick a vinyl wrap on wood, make sure that you prepare the surface adequately.

How? Sand the surface until it feels smooth, furnish it with wood stain or acrylic paint, and then apply your vinyl wrap.


7. Can you take out wood grain vinyl wraps from surfaces?

Yes, you can remove wood grain vinyl wraps from surfaces whenever they wear out, or when the wraps lose their visual charm.

Here is a simple process to walk you through the process.

  • Heat the good grain vinyl wrap to 65 degrees Celsius and above using a heat gun.
  • After heating, peel the wood grain vinyl wrap off the surface.
  • Start at the edge or corner of the wrapped material.
  • Peel the vinyl wrap carefully so that it does not tear.
  • Use a good adhesive removal solvent to clean the residue left behind by the wood grain vinyl wrap.

Note that removing a vinyl wrap can, at times, damage the paint underneath.


8. Are wood grain vinyl wraps abrasion-resistant?

While wood grain vinyl wraps offer reasonable resistance to abrasion, they are not completely resistant.

Sharp objects can scratch them.

On the other hand, wood grain vinyl wraps can be scratched by the sharp claws of pets, or the abrasive force resulting from cleaning.

Therefore, vinyl-wrapped surfaces should not be used on surfaces that are highly prone to scratching.


9. Can I decide on the design of my wood grain vinyl wraps?

Our wood grain vinyl wraps come in multiple design variations.

All our customers have the freedom to choose the right design for their vinyl wrapping projects.

If you are unable to find a design that matches your unique specifications, get in touch with us.

Our product design experts will make a wood vinyl wrap with your preferred patterns, colors, and any other specification.


10. How can you clean surfaces with wood grain vinyl wraps?

We highly discourage the use of brushes and other abrasives when cleaning wood grain vinyl wraps.

You don’t need the abrasives since vinyl-wrapped surfaces are resistant to stains, grease, and any other dirt.

However, if there is a dire need to clean the wrapped surfaces, use a non-abrasive sponge and mild detergent to clean the stained surfaces.

After cleaning, use a soft microfiber cloth to remove excess water, as well as minimize water spotting.

Brushes and abrasive sponges can scratch the wood grain vinyl wraps.


11. Can wood grain vinyl wraps conceal flaws?

Yes, wood grain vinyl wraps can hide minor scratches and any other flaws on your furniture, wall panel, car interior, or any other surface.

But, the vinyl wraps will not hide significant flaws on surfaces.

Thus, before you wrap those surfaces, use reliable means to fix gouges, dents, and other imperfections.

If you ignore it, the wood grain vinyl wraps can amplify the visibility of those imperfections.

As well, the vinyl wrap will not stick on the blemished surfaces for long.


12. What is the best adhesive to stick wood grain vinyl wrap on surfaces?

Wood grain vinyl wraps have an acrylic-based adhesive that can stick to surfaces effortlessly.

You just need a heat gun to activate the adhesive and a squeegee to apply some pressure on the vinyl wrap.

You don’t need any adhesive to wrap your wood, wall panels, vehicle, or any other non-porous surface.


13. Can you vinyl wrap MDF boards?

Wood grain vinyl wraps are not designed to stick on non-porous surfaces.

Therefore, if your MDF boards aren’t laminated, wood grain vinyl wrap will not stick.

If you want wood grain vinyl wrap to stick on your MDF board, we suggest that you laminate, and seal the board’s edges.

Then, proceed to vinyl wrap the MDF board.


14. Can you paint wood grain vinyl wraps?

Realistically, you cannot paint wood-grain vinyl wraps.

Paint can hardly stick on the wraps’ ultra-smooth surface.

If the wood grain vinyl wraps are worn out, or have lost their aesthetic value, peel them off before painting the surface.

If painting the wraps is the only option at hand, scuff the vinyl wrap lightly, prime it, and then, coat it with an acrylic-based paint.


15. How do you prepare surfaces for wood grain vinyl coating?

The procedure depends on the surface you wish to vinyl wrap.

If you are preparing a car’s roof or any other interior part:

  • Choose a controlled room for your vinyl wrapping project
  • Get all the required supplies to your workshop
  • You will need a heat gun, wax remover, utility knife, tape measure, and a squeegee
  • Fix dents, gouges, and other major flaws on the car surface you wish to wrap
  • Clean the surface you wish to wrap
  • Apply wood grain vinyl wrap

If you are preparing any other flat non-porous panel:

  • Clean the surface using a general detergent
  • If the surface is rough or chipped, sand it
  • Align the wood grain vinyl wrap on the surface
  • Use a squeegee or heat gun to seal the surface


16. Can you wrap uneven surfaces?

No, you cannot apply vinyl wraps on uneven surfaces.

When applied on rough surfaces, the wood grain vinyl wrap will bubble, and it will eventually tear or peel off.


17. Where can you find the best wood grain vinyl wrap?

You can get wood grain vinyl wraps in various hardware stores.

But, many of these stores don’t supply wood grain vinyl wraps in bulk.

If they do, the vinyl wraps can be quite costly.

The high cost will not give you a return on investment.

Moreover, it can be challenging to find high-quality wood grain vinyl wraps from these stores since they sell wraps from different manufacturers.

If you want wood grain vinyl wraps with consistent quality, or you want them in bulk, buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Our company, LCL Films, ranks among the most trusted manufacturers of wood grain vinyl wraps.

We use premium quality materials to manufacture vinyl wraps for every décor project.

Our wraps are durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. Learn more about LCL FILM.


18. How much does wood grain vinyl cost?

The price depends on the quality of the wood grain vinyl, the design of the wrap, and the quantity you wish to order.

If you need an estimate, contact LCL Films.

Our experts will give you a free and accurate estimate.


19. Can I get a custom-made wood grain vinyl wrap?

Wood grain vinyl wraps come in multiple design choices.

You can hardly miss the most suitable design for your project.

But, if you want vinyl wrap customized with your preferred color and wood grain pattern, we will sort you out.

At LCL Films, we understand that clients have varying tastes.

On that account, our factory gives you the option to order wood grain vinyl wraps designed according to your unique requirements.

We will take the shortest time to design your wood grain vinyl wrap, at the most competitive price.


20. Do wood grain vinyl wraps fade?

Wood grain vinyl wraps have superb resistance to fading resulting from regular exposure to sunlight, washing detergents, and water.

As such, they will maintain their new looks and hold their color for a long period.

Nonetheless, just like any other product, the vinyl wraps will lose their sheen over time.


21. Can a wood grain vinyl wrap increase a car’s value?

Car wrapping has become a new trend in the world’s motor vehicle industry.

Most car enthusiasts wouldn’t mind owning a professionally wrapped-up car.

Since wood grain vinyl wraps have a unique, distinct glamour, they are likely to add some aesthetic value to your car.

Cost-wise, we won’t guarantee that our wood grain vinyl wrap will lift your car’s resale value.

Why? Many factors contribute to a car’s value. Our wood grain esthetics will just play a minute role.


22. How can I wash a vehicle fitted with wood grain vinyl wrap?

We propose hand washing as the best way to clean cars wrapped with wood grain vinyl wrap.

As a rule of thumb, you should use a non-abrasive cloth and detergent to wash the wrapped surface.

In cases where handwashing isn’t practical, you can pressure wash under the following conditions.

  • Keep the water pressure under 2000psi
  • Keep the water temperature below 80 degrees Celsius
  • Keep the spraying nozzle at least one foot away from the vinyl-wrapped surface


23. Why is my wood grain vinyl wrap not sticking evenly on surfaces?

There are several reasons why wood grain vinyl wrap won’t stick evenly on surfaces.

The primary ones include:

  • You applied the vinyl wrap on rough surfaces.
  • You trapped air bubbles under the vinyl wrap.
  • You didn’t clean the surface.