What Is A Good Quality PVC Foil? Check The Technical Data Sheet

PVC Foil is an eco-friendly material for furniture, doors, cabinets finishes. Our PVC foil thickness is from 0.12mm up to 0.5mm. The standard width is 1260mm and 1400mm, we also make 1250mm, 1420mm, 1100mm, 1000mm, 850mm as customized sizes.

There are over 1500 colors you can choose from our collections. Including wood grain colors, solid colors, soft touch & super matt colors, stone, marble, concrete, textile, fabric, metallic designs.

The surface textures are: woodgrain embossed, soft-touch, plain, stone touch

The surface gloss: matt, super-matt, high gloss

PVC foil0.12-0.51250-1420wood grains, solid, stone, marble, metal, textile, fabric, concretematt, super matt&soft touch, high glossy, sparkle high glossy, sparkle start light

What is a good quality PVC foil? First, good-quality PVC foil is completely eco-friendly. It should meet the below standards.

Heavy MetalPhthalatesOtherResult
Soluble Aluminum (Al)DBPFormaldehydePass
Soluble Arsenic (As)BBP Pass
Soluble Boron (Ba)DEHP Pass
Soluble Cadmium (Cd)DINP Pass
Soluble Cobalt (Co)DNOP Pass
Soluble Chromium (III) (Cr III)DIDP Pass
Soluble Copper (Cu)DMP Pass
Soluble Mercury (Hg)DEP Pass
Soluble Manganese (Mn)DIBP Pass
Soluble Nickel (Ni)DNP Pass
Soluble Lead (Pb)DIOP Pass
Soluble Antimony (Sb)DPrP Pass
Soluble Selenium (Se)DCHP Pass
Soluble Zinc (Zn)DPENP/DnPP Pass
Soluble Strontium (Sr)DBzP Pass
Soluble Tin (Sn)DPhP Pass
Soluble Organic TinDnHP Pass
Soluble Chromium (VI) (Cr VI)  Pass

Second, good-quality PVC foil must have high physical performance. Technical Data Sheet:

IndexTest MethodUnitSpecification
Tensile StrengthISO 527-1:2019 T 34.5MPa,L 38.5MPa
Tear StengthISO 527-3:2018 T 22%, L 48%
Resistance to WearISO 9352:2012classVisible wear marks, but no worn through to substrate(500g/wheel 600turns)
UV ResistanceISO4892-3grey scale4 (30hr)
Light Fastness(Color Fastness)ISO4892-2grey scale4-5 (200hr)
Scratch ResistancePENCIL Test (500g)HNo scratch with 9H pencil
Chemical Resistance Water, petrol, olive oil, red wine, coffee, juice Citric acid, Ethyl alcohol No visible changes
Resistance to Dry Heat temperature 70℃ No visible changes
Resistance to Wet Heattemperature 70℃, humidity 90% No visible changes

Third, as a finishing material for decorating, PVC foil must have high printing sharpness.

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