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PVC Membrane Foil Leading Suppliers

As the top supplier of PVC membrane foil, we’ve been helping businesses develop premium quality furniture, doors, and MDF/WPC/PVC boards for 10 years. Contact us to learn more about our services.

First-class Quality PVC membrane foil Supplier

Authentic Colors and Textures

Our PVC membrane foil offers a unique combination of authentic colors and textures that can be used to create stunning visual effects. It is printed with the best print oil to ensure a long-lasting and vibrant finish. This print oil is highly resistant to fading and discoloration.

Excellent Flexibility

Our PVC membrane foil is an ideal choice for membrane doors and furniture that require flexibility and good tear strength. Its high tear strength ensures that it is able to withstand heavy wear and tear without tearing or wearing down.

Good Formability

Our PVC membrane foil is easy to work with, allowing for intricate detailing and complex shapes to be created. It has excellent heat resistance, and flexibility, and can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for thermal forming processes.

Fade Resistant

LCL FILM's PVC membrane foil with good color fade resistance is a highly durable product that allows for a ten-year lifetime with minimal maintenance. It provides superior protection against UV radiation and other environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for interior furniture applications.

Eco Friendly

LCL FILM's membrane foil is eco-friendly and compliant with all EU regulations. It is constructed with a non-toxic, chlorine-free PVC composition, it does not contain any hazardous chemicals, making it an ideal choice for furniture industries seeking an eco-friendly, compliant product.

Trendy Designs

It's available in a variety of trendy designs, from classic to modern, that will make your furniture stand out from the rest. With its unique pattern, color, and texture, this PVC membrane foil is sure to bring a touch of style to any furniture door.

PVC Membrane Foil Designs

We’ve made more than 2000 different designs and colors of PVC membrane foil, including ones with woodgrain textures, marble stones, and solid colors. We’ll keep coming up with new designs to stay abreast of the latest trends in designing for your products.

Wood Grain

Our wood grain PVC membranes are made with a 3D printed pattern and embossed texture – and they’re one of the best materials to use for interior furniture doors that looks just like real wood. The embossed patterning gives it a lifelike appearance, and you can choose from many different patterns and finishes depending on your personal taste.

Marble & Concrete

Marble Stone PVC membrane foil helps you customize your furniture products. You can choose to have it finished in either high gloss or a matt embossed texture. The colors are all new this season, and the foils can be used on either a membrane vacuum press, wrapping machine, or a laminating machine.

Fabric & Solid

Our super matt soft touch PVC membrane foil is suitable for lamination, thermoforming, and wrapping processes. This PVC membrane is made with the excimer membrane that lends to a better texture and more durable life.

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PVC Foil for Membrane Press

We offer a range of first-class PVC foil for membrane, perfect for use with any vacuum press system or wrapping machine. These are used for creating furniture, doors, cabinets and other wall panels.

PVC Membrane Foil For MDF

PVC 3d membrane foil. Thickness rang: 0.12mm-0.5mm. Width: 1250mm, 1400mm, 1420mm.

PVC Membrane Foil For Furntiture

PVC membrane foil for furniture & cabinet doors. Thickness rang: 0.2mm-0.5mm. Width: 1400mm, 1420mm.

PVC Membrane Foil For Doors

PVC membrane foil for doors. Thickness rang: 0.2mm-0.35mm. Width: 1260mm, 1400mm, 1420mm.

Your Trusted Partner for PVC Membrane Foil

We Are A 10-year Professional Manufacturer And Your Partner To Help To Skyrocket Your Business

LCL FILM is one of China’s most experienced manufacturers of PVC membrane foils. With more than 10 years in the industry, it’s easy to see how we can provide you with reliable and quality products.

Our technical team takes every meter of PVC membrane foil seriously and ensures that it receives the best possible care.

We also have a huge selection of color options, as well as custom design services to better suit your needs. Learn more.

10 Years Manufacturing

20+ Exporting Countries

30+ Patents & Certifications

1500+ Colors & Textures


Most frequent questions and answers

Product Name

PVC Membrane Foil




Finish material for furniture, doors, cabinets, wall panels, profiles, etc.


Membrane vacuum press, PUR laminating, cold laminating, wrapping, manual paste.

Applicable Substrate

MDF, plywood, HDF, particle board, WPC, PVC, Metal




1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1260mm, 1400mm, 1420mm


Wood grain, marble, stone, fabric, solid colors


Embossed, plain, soft touch


Mat, high gloss, super mat

HSN Code

392049, 392043

PVC foil (also known as PVC film) is a plastic material made of polyvinyl chloride. Customs clearance is governed by two HS codes.



The MOQ of PVC foil usually comes from 2000 meters per color to 4000 meters per color. 

At LCL FILM, we provide a flexible MOQ policy to support our clients. Contact us for details.

At LCL FILM, we offer over 1500 most popular designs PVC membrane foil. We have physical catalogs and PDF catalogs for a preview. Check here to download PDF catalogs.

FAQs for PVC Membrane Foil

PVC membrane foils give cabinets, furniture, and doors a unique artistic appeal that stands out in the competition.

Moreover, the membrane foils protect furniture from abrasion and weathering.

Even so, sticking the foils on surfaces comes with several glitches that need quick solutions.

Else, you will end up damaging or applying your PVC membrane foil indecorously.

This FAQ guide gives solutions to the issues you are likely to encounter when using PVC membrane foils.

Additionally, our FAQ guide will help you understand PVC membrane foils and their commercial benefits.

1.   What is a PVC membrane foil?

It is a thin decorative cover designed to improve the looks of furniture, doors, and cabinets.

As well, you can use the PVC membrane foils to improve furniture’s resistance to water, sunlight, and chemical damage.

They are available in varying thicknesses, colors, and decorative patterns to choose a style that your customers love.

2.   How is PVC membrane foil manufactured?

We use highly sophisticated machinery, and reliable customer ideologies to make premium quality, stylish PVC membrane foils.

Our company, LCL Films, utilizes the finest class of polyvinyl chloride, pigments, and stabilizers as the major ingredients.

Before the membrane foils leave our factory, we scrutinize them to make sure that customers get the high quality we promise.

Our PVC membrane foils will never compromise the quality of the doors, cabinets, or furniture you make.

3.   Are there different types of PVC membrane foils?

Yes, there are multiple types of PVC membrane foils.

The hot-selling PVC membrane foils on our catalog are:

  • Wood grain PVC membrane foil
  • 3D PVC membrane foil
  • PVC membrane foils for doors
  • PVC membrane foil for kitchen cabinets
  • PVC membrane foil for furniture
  • Anti-scratch PVC membrane foil

Each type is designed for specific decorating projects.

For example, we designed the PVC membrane foil for kitchen cabinets to enhance cabinets’ resistance to water, oil, grease, scratches, and fire.

Using the foils in your cabinet decoration project will minimize customer complaints, and improve loyalty.

Your customers wouldn’t mind purchasing more kitchen cabinets from your company.

4.   Where can I use PVC membrane foils?

You can use PVC membrane foils on plywood, MDF, wood, steel, plastic, aluminum, and fiberboards used to make furniture.

They are a low-cost solution to lifting the visual appeal of less attractive furniture making materials.

5.   How do you prepare surfaces before applying PVC membrane foils?

Good surface preparation is vital when applying PVC membrane foils on boards.

Otherwise, the membrane foil will not stick strongly and uniformly.

So, how do you prepare your surfaces correctly? The following are tips from our experts.

  • Clean your surfaces with a strong soapy detergent to get rid of any dirt on the surfaces.
  • Dry the cleaned boards with a lint-free cloth.
  • Wipe the surface with a solvent cleaner to eliminate stubborn contaminants like oil, wax, and or tar.
  • Wipe the surface with isopropyl alcohol
  • Dry the surface, and proceed to cover it with your PVC membrane foil

6.   What color options do you have?

Our PVC membrane foils feature over 500 super-hot colors.

Therefore, if your customers love high-gloss, wood grain, sparkle, solid, or matte colors, you will never miss a PVC membrane foil with the right color on our catalog.

Besides the super-hot colors, our PVC membrane foils have unique patterns to help you make doors, cabinets, and furniture that stand out.

Our company, LCL Films, keeps upgrading the colors and patterns with new design trends each year.

With our PVC membrane foils, your competitors will never beat you on visual aesthetics.

7.   How thick are your PVC membrane foils?

Our PVC membrane foils’ gauge ranges from 0.12mm to 0.6mm.

Membrane foils with a higher gauge improve the mechanical strength of your furniture.

Furthermore, the high-gauge membrane foils form a strong layer that protects the underlying material from scratches and weather elements.

If you just want to decorate your furniture, cabinets, or doors, get the low gauge PVC membrane foils.

8.   Are PVC membrane foils resistant to UV light?

Yes, our PVC membrane foils have excellent resistance to UV light.

They won’t fade or break down easily, even when exposed to direct UV light for an extended period.

This feature makes the membrane foils an ideal solution for styling and UV-protecting outdoor furniture and exterior surfaces.

So, if you specialize in making furniture for outdoor use, these PVC membrane foils will improve your furniture’s lifespan at a low cost.

You won’t disappoint your clients by offering low-quality outdoor furniture.

9.   Do extreme temperatures affect surfaces with PVC membrane foils?

No, extreme temperatures do not affect surfaces covered with PVC membrane foils.

However, high temperatures can extricate the adhesive that bonds the foils to surfaces.

So, these decorative membrane foils might not be ideal for surfaces that are subjected to high temperatures regularly.

10.How can I avoid problems that arise when applying PVC membrane foils?

There are three sure ways to minimize the problems you would encounter while covering your boards with PVC membrane foils.

The remedies are:

  • Using the right PVC membrane foil for your project

There are different types of PVC membrane foils for various applications.

For instance, some are designed for plywood, others for wood and others for metallic surfaces.

So, before you buy, make sure that the PVC membrane foil is intended for the specific material you intend to decorate.

  • Prepare surfaces correctly before covering them.

PVC Membrane foils cannot stick on contaminated surfaces with oil, wax, grease, or any other dirt.

Furthermore, PVC membrane foils will not stick uniformly on rough surfaces.

Thus, before you apply your membrane foils, prepare the surface properly.

  • Use the right procedure to stick the membrane foils on surfaces.

Different types of PVC membrane foils require varying sticking procedures.

Some can use membrane pressing, and others can use vacuum pressing, lamination, or wrapping.

As a rule, we propose that you use the right sticking procedure if you want optimal results.

If you are not sure of the right sticking procedure, ask the manufacturer to recommend the right procedure.

11.Are PVC membrane foils resistance to abrasion?

Yes, they are abrasion-resistant.

Our PVC membrane foils have a premium grade anti-scratch layer to protect them from mild to moderate abrasion.

Therefore, your furniture, cabinets, or doors won’t develop scratches while in storage or when shipping them to your customers.

But, you should note that the abrasion resistance varies depending on the gauge of your PVC membrane foils.

High gauge membrane foils have a strong resistance to scratches, while low gauge membrane foils have reduced resistance to scratches.

12.How will PVC membrane foils enhance my product sales?

Our PVC membrane foils will increase your product sales in several ways.

Using them on your cabinets, furniture, and doors will:

  • Differentiate your products from the competition

Our membrane foils’ unique colors and patterns will give your furniture an artistic appearance that stands out.

Customers will pick your high-end looking furniture, doors, or cabinets over those of your rivals.

  • Add more value to your products.

Our PVC membrane foils will not only improve your furniture’s visual appeal, but they will also increase the value of your products.

For instance, the foil will form a protective layer that shields furniture from water, sun, and chemical damage.

As such, many end-users will prefer buying your high-value products over your competitors’ low-value furniture.

  • They will give you a price advantage over your rival.

We supply our PVC membrane foils at the lowest price possible.

Thus, you will make a profit even if you sell your end products at a lower price than your competitor.

You will not need to offer your furniture, doors, or cabinets at a high price to remain profitable.

13.What are the best ways to stick PVC membrane foils on surfaces?

There are four primary procedures used to stick PVC membrane foils onto surfaces.

You can stick them through vacuum pressing, laminating, wrapping, or membrane pressing.

The best way will depend on the project at hand.

Vacuum pressing is ideal for sticking the membrane foils on MDF cabinets or MDF door panels.

Membrane pressing is ideal for applying PVC membrane foils on WPC or PVC boards.

Laminating is suitable when covering plywood, metal sheets, or particle boards.

You would want to use wrapping on cabinets, doors, or furniture made from wood, PVC, and aluminum. 

14.Can I remove PVC membrane foils from surfaces?

Yes, you can remove PVC membrane foils from wood, aluminum, PVC, or WPC boards, panels, profiles, cabinets, furniture, and doors.

Here is a comprehensive guideline to help you.

  • Use a heat gun to heat the membrane foil till it softens.
  • With a putty knife or a metallic blade, lift the membrane foil and peel it from your board.
  • Re-heat the surface whenever the PVC membrane foil cools down.
  • After peeling off the PVC membrane foil, scrape up the residual glue using your putty knife.
  • As an alternative, use an adhesive solvent to clear up any adhesive residue

15.Where can I purchase PVC membrane foils at a competitive price?

You can buy your PVC membrane foils from online stores or brick-and-mortar stores out there.

However, these stores sell their PVC membrane foils at a higher price than that offered by the manufacturer.

For best bargains, buy directly from the manufacturer.

At LCL Films, we will supply you with high-quality PVC membrane foils at the most competitive price.

Besides, we will ship your purchase on time.

16.Are PVC membrane foils environmentally friendly?

Yes, our PVC membrane foils are environmentally friendly.

We manufacture them in a controlled setting to minimize accidental leakage to the environment.

Our PVC membrane foils are free of heavy metals and toxic plasticizers.

Using our PVC membrane foils in your projects will minimize the use of toxic paint.

17.How long do PVC membrane foils last?

We manufacture our PVC membrane foils from premium grade polyvinyl chloride, a material with exceptional structural strength.

Our membrane foils are resistant damage resulting from regular exposure to water, corrosion, scratches, and other harsh elements.

On average, PVC membrane foils can last for more than 14 years as long as you don’t subject them to intentional damage.

Our decals will not compromise the quality of your doors, cabinets, and furniture.

18.Do you customize PVC membrane foils?

At LCL Films, we don’t just manufacture and sell PVC membrane foils for the sake of making a profit.

But, we focus on supplying PVC membrane foils that will transform your furniture, give you an edge against competitors, as well as help you improve your sales.

So, if you think that the PVC membrane foils on our catalog cannot help you stand out, we will not mind making customized membrane foils for you.

We will use our six-year expertise, sophisticated machinery, and quality raw materials to tailor our PVC membrane foils according to your exact specifications.

If you want a custom-tailored PVC membrane foil, get in touch with our team now.

19.Are PVC membrane foils different from PVC lamination films?

PVC membrane foils are not similar to PVC lamination films.

PVC lamination films are flexible, high tensile strength films with a heat-sensitive adhesive.

The lamination films bonds with various surfaces when it is activated with heat

On the other hand, PVC membrane foils are quite inflexible.

You can stick them onto surfaces through membrane pressing, wrapping, lamination, or vacuum pressing.

20.What are the best alternatives to PVC membrane foils?

If you don’t want to use our PVC membrane foils, the following are some of the best alternatives to consider.

  • PVC laminating films
  • PVC wrapping films
  • PVC door films
  • PVC foils for furniture
  • Wood grain vinyl wraps
  • Melamine sheets

Just like the PVC membrane foils, the alternatives are available in a vast array of colors to let you buy and use a color that pleases your customers’ sense of taste.

Additionally, the alternatives have excellent resistance to weather elements, abrasion, and chemical corrosion.

They will improve your furniture’s visual appeal and value.