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Premium PVC Membrane Foil for Outstanding Doors

We are the goto PVC membrane foil manufacturers for businesses looking to up their game. Our products are made from topgrade materials for unbeatable quality at an affordable price. Visit our wide selection of colors and designs to find the perfect solution for your door.

We Pledge to be Your Ultimate Door Manufacturing Supplier.

Authentic Colors and Textures

Our PVC membrane foil provides a wide array of authentic colors and textures that can be used to create beautiful doors. The exceptional print oil applied to the foil ensures a long-lasting and vibrant finish that won't fade or discolor over time.

Excellent Flexibility

Our PVC membrane foil is the perfect finish material for membrane doors that need to be flexible and durable. Its superior tear strength makes it highly resistant to damage and wear, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable door.

Good Formability

Our PVC membrane foil is perfect for intricate detailing and complex shapes. It is incredibly heat resistant, able to withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius and flexible enough to accommodate thermal forming processes. Working with it is also effortless and enjoyable.

Fade Resistant

Boasting an impressive ten-year lifetime with minimal maintenance, LCL FILM's PVC membrane foil is a highly durable product with excellent color fade resistance. Its superior protection against UV radiation and other environmental conditions makes it an ideal finish foil for interior doors.

Eco Friendly

LCL FILM's membrane foil is an ideal choice for door industries looking for an eco-friendly and compliant product. Constructed with a non-toxic, chlorine-free PVC composition and free of hazardous chemicals, it meets all European Union regulations, making it a safe and reliable option.

Trendy Designs

This PVC membrane foil is the perfect accent piece to make any door stand out with its unique pattern, color, and texture. Choose from a wide selection of trendy designs, ranging from classic to modern, to give your door a fashionable and stylish look.

PVC Door Foil Color Collections

Modern simplicity and timeless touches, a blend of classical and luxury, over 1,000 colors for you to choose from.

Wood Grain

Classic walnut is a beautiful wood that can really elevate the look of a door. It has a rich, warm color that can make any space feel more elegant and inviting. If you’re looking to reach a good sale price for your doors, classic walnut PVC membrane foil are definitely worth considering.

Marble & Fabric

This PVC membrane foil for doors is the perfect way to add a unique design to any room. With designs ranging from marble to fabric, this foil is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any door or surface. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, you can easily find a look that will fit your style and design needs.

Super Matt Plain Colors

Super matt plain colors PVC membrane foil doors are made in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste. These doors are made with a PVC membrane that is super matt, which gives it a smooth, sleek look. The plain colors of these doors can add a touch of class to any room, and the foil finish makes them easy to clean and maintain.

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Customize Material

Advanced PVC membrane foil finishing materials, specially developed and manufactured for different substrates.

MDF/HDF/Wood Doors

PVC membrane foil for MDF/HDF/Wood doors has good strength, allowing for vacuum forming.

Steel Doors

This PVC membrane foil is specially developed for hot laminating on steel panels. It maintains the embossing integrity and resists impact.


WPC/PVC doors benefit from this high-quality PVC foil by raising their quality grade.

We Are The Professionals You Can Trust

Ten Years of Efforts Between You And Us Has Witnessed Both The Adversity And Prosperity Of LCL FILM.

LCL FILM is a unique leading company that produces PVC membrane foils for door manufacturing. We’ve been committed to making high-quality PVC membrane foil since our inception in 2013. During this time, we’ve experienced steady growth and earned an excellent reputation as a leader in the industry.

We couldn’t have come this far without your help. Thank you for being with us on this journey! We value the friendship that we’ve shared over the past ten years and are looking forward to meeting new friends.

10 Years Manufacturing

20+ Exporting Countries

30+ Patents & Certifications

1500+ Colors & Textures


Most frequent questions and answers

Product Name

PVC Foil




Finish material for wood doors, MDF doors, HDF doors, uPVC doors, WPC doors, safety steel doors.


Membrane vacuum press, PUR laminating, cold laminating, wrapping.

Applicable Substrate

MDF, plywood, HDF, particle board, WPC, PVC, Metal


0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm


1260mm, 1400mm, 1420mm


Wood grain, marble, stone, fabric, solid colors


Embossed, plain, soft touch


Mat, high gloss, super mat

HSN Code

392049, 392043

Making PVC membrane doors is becoming increasingly popular among customers for its vibrant colors and authentic textures, as well as its costeffectiveness.

To better understand the process of producing PVC membrane doors, here is a brief summary:

1. Machines: Depending on the door panel, either a PUR laminating machine (video here) or a vacuum press machine/membrane press machine (video here) are used.

2. PVC Foil: The quality of PVC foil is key in producing a quality door. Generally, a thicker foil can better cover any imperfections on the door panel and make the texture more vivid. Our recommended thicknesses for making PVC membrane doors are 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, and 0.35mm.

3. Glue: Different kinds of glue are used depending on the machine employed. For example, for a PUR laminating line, PUR glue is used, and for a vacuum press, vacuum press glue is used. Companies such as Henkel and Jowat are are well-known suppliers of glue.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Welcome to the guide on how to order PVC membrane foil for door production. PVC membrane foil is a thin and flexible material often used for the production of doors. It is available in a range of colors and textures and can provide a great finish for any door. In this guide, well take a look at how to order PVC membrane foil for door production, from selecting the right type of membrane foil to understanding the ordering process.

Step 1: Choose your PVC membrane foil The first step in ordering PVC membrane foil is to choose the right type. The type of membrane foil you choose will depend on the type of door you are producing. Generally, there are two main types of PVC membrane foil for doors: wood grain matte and solid color super matte. Wood grain matte membrane foil is a matte material, we have more than 1000 wood grain designs to choose from for door productions, while Super matte membrane foil provides a more subtle finish. It’s important to consider the look you’re aiming for before making a decision. Contact us to get our PDF catalogs for a view now.

Step 2: Check the measurements Once you’ve chosen the right type of PVC membrane foil, you’ll need to check the measurements. The measurements you’ll need to consider include the width, length, and thickness of the membrane foil. The width is depending on your machine’s working width and door panel width. Our standard widths are 1260mm and 1400mm for laminating and vacuum forming. The thicknesses are commonly 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, and 0.35mm. The standard length is from 100 meters to 300 meters, or be customized.

Step 3: Contact us to get a quick quote.

At LCL FILM, we offer over 1500 most popular designs PVC foil. We offer free PDF catalogs for a preview. Check here to download PDF catalogs. 

We also provide free physical catalogs, please contact us at WhatsApp: 0086-19827800548

PVC Membrane Foil for Doors: A Complete FAQ Guide

Membrane foils for doors feature thousands of unique styles that can convert regular looking PVC, wood, PWC, and steel doors to artistic marvels that everyone admires.

Besides, membrane foils are a low-cost way of adding value to your doors. They minimize corrosion, scratching, fading, and any other deterioration occasioning from elements.

However, while these decals sound like an ideal deal for giving doors a facelift, using them comes with a fair share of concerns.

For that reason, we prepared this FAQ guide to provide ultimate solutions to your apprehensions.

1.    What Are Membrane Foils for Doors?

They are thin decorative PVC films used to lift the aesthetic appeal of doors.

These decals come in varying colors, gauges, and textures to let you choose a film that would help you make doors that stand out.

They are a low-cost alternative to painting MDF, ABS, PVC, wood, steel, and aluminum doors.

2.    What Is The Production Process Of PVC Membrane Foil?

Our company, LCL Films, utilizes polyvinyl chloride as the primary ingredient in making PVC membrane foils.

Also, we use quality, non-toxic pigments, plasticizers, and stabilizers to make our PVC membrane foil for doors.

As our culture, we only utilize high-quality ingredients to produce premium grade PVC membrane foils.

It is the reason why our membrane foils don’t fade, scratch, or tear easily.

The PVC membrane foils go through a highly supervised manufacturing process to ensure that every batch of foils from our company has no flaws.

3.    What Types Of Membrane Foils For Doors Do You Have?

We have several types of PVC membrane foils, designed to match the taste of each door buyer out there.

The hot-selling types on our catalog are:

  • Dark Wood PVC Membrane Foil for Doors
  • White PVC Membrane Foil for Doors
  • Soft PVC Membrane Foil for Steel Doors
  • 35mm PVC Membrane Foil for Doors
  • 22mm PVC Membrane Foil for Doors
  • 16mm PVC Membrane Foil for Doors

All our membrane foils are of high quality.

As well, all types have varying colors and patterns to let you make doors that give an excellent first impression.

We opted to design multiple types of membrane foils as a way to minimize the flaws associated with the use of all-purpose foils.  

4.    How Do I Apply PVC Membrane Foils On Doors?

Depending on the material used to make doors, you can apply our membrane foils using four major application processes.

  • Vacuum press: Recommended for doors designed from MDF boards.

  • Membrane press: Suitable when decorating doors made from PVC and WPC.
  • Wrapping: Suitable for those doors made from PVC and wood.
  • Cold Lamination using a laminating machine: Ideal for doors made from particleboard, plywood, and steel.

5.    Can I Remove Damaged PVC Membrane Foils From Doors?

Our premium grade PVC membrane foils for doors can endure rough handling at your workshop without tearing.

So, they are less likely to frustrate you to the point of removing them off your doors.

However, do not fret, if you encounter a situation that forces you to peel off the membrane foils from your doors.

Just use the process below to get the job done.

  • With a handheld heat gun, heat the membrane foil till it softens.
  • Use a putty knife to lift the PVC membrane foil from one edge.
  • Afterward, peel the damaged membrane foil off your door.
  • Re-heat the membrane foil whenever you are unable to peel it effortlessly
  • Use the right adhesive dissolver to clean the residue left behind by the damaged membrane foil.

It is worth noting that this process requires some effort and patience to execute.

In fact, it will be too labor-intensive if you are looking to remove damaged foils off many doors.

Thus, it is prudent to prepare surfaces appropriately before you stick our PVC membrane foils on doors.

6.    On Which Materials Can I Apply PVC Membrane Foils?

You can use PVC membrane foils to lift the aesthetics of all materials used to make doors.

Feel free to apply them on PVC, Wood, Plywood, MDF, steel, aluminum, and any other material.

But, it is worth noting that LCL Films makes membrane foils for specific materials.

So, before you buy, make sure that the PVC membrane foil you are eyeing is suitable for the surface you wish to facelift.

If you feel confused, seek help from our sales team.

We will be glad to help you buy the right PVC membrane foil for your door making project.

7.    Can PVC Membrane Foils Improve The Value Of Doors?

Yes, our PVC membrane foils will increase the value of doors.

How? First, our PVC membrane foils feature attractive colors and unique patterns.

They will give your doors an appearance that stands out from the generically designed doors.

Second, our PVC membrane for doors will protect doors against scratches, fading, stains, and water damage.

Door buyers will not mind spending more dollars on attractive doors with superb resistance to elements.

With LCL Films’ PVC membrane foils for doors, you will never compromise your doors’ quality.

8.   Can You Customize My PVC Membrane Foils For Doors?

At LCL Films, we understand that customers need to produce doors that look as unique as possible.

Otherwise, they won’t appeal to customers.

Thus, if you want us to customize membrane foils with your company’s logo, patterns, and any other exact specifications, we will not mind helping you.

We will use our advanced technology coupled up with our extensive decal making prowess to make the custom-tailored foils you need to gain an edge against rivals.

What do we need to make your custom PVC membrane foils for the door?

Upon request, our product designers will ask you to suggest the color, patterns, and size you want.

Our team will start customizing the membrane foils as soon as you place your order.

9.    Are PVC Membrane Foils Resistant To Scratches?

Our PVC membrane foils have a sturdy anti-scratch layer that is virtually resistant to light abrasions.

The membrane foils will not get unsightly scratches at your workshop or when shipping doors to customers.

What’s more? Our PVC membrane films won’t scratch a few days after supplying your doors to the end-user.

Therefore, you will never lose customers simply because your doors are known to be scratched easily.

10.   How Do I Prepare Surfaces Before Using PVC Membrane Foils For Doors?

Surface preparation is a vital process if you want PVC membrane foils to stick on your doors uniformly without bubbling or shrinking.

Furthermore, surface preparation is critical if you want PVC membrane foils to stick without peeling.

So, how do you prepare surfaces before you apply these decals?

  • Use a soapy detergent to clean wax, grease, and any other dirt on your doors.
  • Dry the doors with a lint-free towel
  • Wipe the cleaned surface with alcohol to get rid of stubborn wax and oil.
  • Dry the surface again with a lint-free towel.
  • Apply your PVC membrane foil as soon as you dry up the doors.

We insist that you prep your doors adequately, since doing it wrongly will compromise your door’s aesthetics and value.

In return, your sales will reduce, and your customers will move the next manufacturer with high-quality doors.

11.   I Want Alternatives To PVC Membrane Foils For Doors. What Will You Recommend?

LCL Films has several alternatives to PVC membrane foils for doors.

Some of the most ideal for your project are:

Our wood grain vinyl wraps for doors feature attractive wood grain finishes with the authenticity of real wood.  You can use them to facelift the looks of doors made from plywood, MDF, PVC, ABS, steel, aluminum, or any other material.

  • PVC door film

Our door films are thin sheets of PVC with varying solid colors. They are an excellent alternative to using toxic paint on doors. These self-adhesive decals stick on all types of surfaces, and they have excellent resistance to bad weather elements.

  • PVC lamination film 3D

These decals use innovative 3D technology to transform the looks of doors and furniture.  They give doors that unique irresistible appearance that commands the attention of door buyers. They are resistant to scratches, UV, and other harsh elements.

12.   Are PVC Membrane Foils For Doors Expensive?

It will depend on where you buy from.

You are likely to pay more if you buy from stores that outsource their products from original manufactures.

Such stores are after making maximum proceeds from their sales.

As such, they would sell PVC membrane foils for doors at a higher price.

If you want the best deal, buy directly from the manufacturer.

Our company, LCL Films, the leading manufacturer of decals, will supply you with any amount of PVC membrane foils at the most reasonable price.

Selling decals at a competitive price is part of our business culture.

13.   Can I Use PVC Membrane Foils On Exterior Doors?

Yes, you can stick our PVC membrane foils to revamp exterior doors.

Our PVC membrane foils are resistant to fading and any other degradation associated with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Moreover, our PVC membrane foils for doors have excellent resistance to water damage.

Therefore, these decals will not compromise your doors’ quality.

As well, the foils’ high quality will never piss off your loyal customers.

14.   How Long Will You Take To Ship My PVC Membrane Foils For Doors?

Our decal manufacturing company understands that delaying your order can inconvenience you in many ways.

For instance, delayed deliveries can push you to stop your door making project, and keep your customers waiting for long.

That is why we have invested heavily in our logistic system.

We always strive to deliver customer orders within the shortest time.

Most furniture and door companies prefer buying decals from LCL Films simply because we ship orders on time.

15.   Are PVC Membrane Foils For Doors Environmentally Friendly?

LCL Films comprehends that uncontrolled manufacturing processes can harm the environment in many ways.

On that account, we have adopted several measures to conserve the environment around us.

So, what measures do we use to minimize environmental pollution?

  • We utilize energy-efficient equipment to manufacture our decals
  • We use less toxic ingredients to make our PVC membrane foils for doors.
  • We manufacture membrane foils under a controlled setting
  • We dispose of our waste according to national and international waste disposal guidelines
  • We observe all the existing environmental protection guidelines
  • Our PVC membrane foils are durable. They will not find their way to the landfill after short use.

16.   Can I Apply PVC Membrane Foils On Glass Doors?

Frankly, we have not designed our PVC membrane foils to be fitted on glass doors.

Why? The foils on our catalog will not allow people to see through the glass door.

Moreover, the membrane lights will block a glass door’s ability to let in light.

Thus, they will not be ideal for glass doors.

17.   My PVC Membrane Foils For Doors Have Unsightly Stains. How Do I Clean Them?

Unsightly stains on PVC membrane foils for doors can reduce the aesthetic appeal of your doors.

In fact, your customers can avoid your doors, just in case you decide to ignore the stains on doors.

Thus, if your PVC membrane foils for doors get stained, don’t just ignore them.

Instead, use this simple guideline to clear off those stains.

  • Spray the stained area with the ordinary detergent
  • Use a cleaning brush with soft bristles to scrub off the stain.
  • After dislodging the stain, clean the stained door with a paper towel

Avoid brushes with abrasive bristles since they can scratch the PVC membrane foils for doors.

Besides, you should avoid bleaching detergents since they can diminish the foils’ attractive patterns.

18.   Do You Supply PVC Membrane Foils For Doors In Bulk?

We do supply membrane foils for doors in bulk.

Our company, LCL Films, utilizes sophisticated machines with an excellent production capacity.

So, we can supply your door manufacturing company with as much membrane foils as possible.

We offer bulk orders at a discounted price.