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10 Years PVC Foil Supplier

Ten Years Relentless. Quality-Oriented. Embrace Integrity. Share Future.

PVC Foil Supplier And Manufacturer In China

We Provide PVC Foil In Excellent Quality, Safe And Reliable

Authentic Colors and Textures

Excellent Flexibility

Good Formability

Fade Resistant

Eco Friendly

Trendy Designs

A Vast Range Of Colors Meets All The Correct Taste Requirements

Wood Grain PVC Foil

Marble Stone PVC Foil

Solid Color PVC Foil

We Help You To Win Against Competitors In Your Industry

Interior doors



Wall Coverings

We Are The Professional PVC Foil Supplier You Can Trust

Ten Years of Efforts Between You And Us Has Witnessed Both The Adversity And Prosperity Of LCL FILM.

LCL FILM is a leading PVC foil supplier and manufacturer based in China. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve always been committed to producing high-quality PVC foils for interior furniture. During this time, LCL FILM has maintained steady growth and earned an excellent reputation as a leader in the PVC industry.

Our growth story can not live without your close cooperation and great support. Thank you to all of you! And we gratitude for the friendship we have received during the past ten decades. Alongside, we look forward to more potential friends who could join our big family shortly. Read more.

10 Years Manufacturing

20+ Exporting Countries

30+ Patents & Certifications

1500+ Colors & Textures

In China, we are recognized as a leading supplier of high quality PVC foil

The Quality Of Our PVC Foil Can Be Seen From The Actual Photos