PVC Foil for Furniture

PVC foil is one of the most popular furniture finishing materials in recent years. It is a plastic film made in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) by calendaring line and finished by printing and laminating processes.

When we use it as a foil surface on furniture, it can perfectly show the pattern of any precious wood colorfully and touch with a wood emboss texture. LCL FILM® has a 1500+ collection of wood grain colors PVC foil for furniture that is in keeping with the latest trend in the world furniture industry.

PVC Foil for Furniture by LCL FILM®: The Latest Trend

Wood Grain PVC foil for furniture

RAL and Pantone Trends

Morden Trends: Marble Stone Velvet Metal

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How to Use PVC Foil on Furniture

When it comes to asking how to use PVC foil on furniture, we need to know that there are two types of PVC foils. Type 1: PVC self-adhesive foil. It’s pre-glued on the back of the foil and covered with contact paper. PVC self-adhesive foil is easy to use by peeling off and sticking. Type 2: PVC foil is non-self-adhesive foil. Furniture manufacturers coat PVC foil on furniture substrates by laminating production line, vacuum press machine, or membrane press machine.


PVC Laminated Foil for Furniture

Laminating production lines are used to laminate PVC foil on flat furniture panels, including plywood, MDF, chipboard, HPL, plastic boards, and metal sheets. There is some basic information about PVC laminated foil for furniture.

Material: PVC

Color: woodgrain, solid colors, marble stone, metal

Gloss: matt, super matt, high glossy

Foil thickness: from 0.12mm to 0.5mm

Foil width: 1250mm, 1260mm

Package: 100m/roll-400m/roll

Glue: PUR (hot lamination), PU (cold lamination)

PVC Membrane Foil for Furniture

Vacuum press machine/membrane press machine are used to membrane press PVC membrane foil on 3D furniture front doors. The substrate material of doors is usually MDF.

There is some basic information about PVC membrane foil for furniture.

Material: PVC

Color: woodgrain, solid colors, marble stone, metal

Gloss: matt, super matt, high glossy

Foil thickness: from 0.12mm to 0.5mm

Foil width: 1400mm, 1420mm

Package: 100m/roll-400m/roll

Glue: vacuum press glue

Machine: vacuum press machine, membrane press machine


Frequently Asked Questions


LCL FILM is a 10-years old manufacturer of high-quality PVC foil in China. We are also a trader for PVC foil, melamine paper, edge band. Learn more about our company. 

PVC furniture has a surface of plastic foil made in polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It’s called PVC foil. The PVC foil has a beautiful appearance like a veneer. Thanks to the flexibility of PVC material, the PVC foil is thermoformable for membrane pressing on 3D shapes furniture fronts, wrapping on profiles, and flat laminating on flat boards. PVC foil is widely used now as an alternative to paint, veneer, and melamine paper.

Polymer foils are popularly used as a surface finishing material on furniture nowadays. They are in wood grain colors, solid/single colors, marble colors, and metallic colors. Furniture manufacturers can easily paste polymer foils on furniture panels, boards, and profiles by laminating, vacuum pressing, and wrapping machines.
There are PVC foil, PP foil, PET foil, PETG foil, ASA foil, PVDF foil, and PMMA foil that factories are using in the furniture industry.

We all know varnished furniture and veneered furniture, but you may not be familiar with paper foil furniture (paper foiled furniture). What is the paper? The paper is called melamine paper. It’s melamine impregnated printed paper. What is the foil? The foil is PVC foil. The furniture factories use it as finishing materials on furniture.

PVC furniture is a good choice for customers.
Why? 1. PVC furniture is waterproof and fireproof. 2. PVC furniture is easy to clean. 3. PVC furniture is durable to use. 4. PVC furniture is an affordable product.
PVC furniture is very safe. It’s most environmentally friendly. PVC furniture is usually composed of PVC foil skin, furniture board of plywood or MDF, or chipboard. All the materials are eco-friendly materials. PVC foiled furniture is a free-paint product to save you from suffering a paint odor.

PVC furniture foil is a non-self-adhesive foil. A self-adhesive furniture foil is usually called wood grain vinyl wrap. Learn more about wood grain vinyl wrap.

More Questions

Please feel free to contact LCL FILM if of any questions about PVC foil for furniture.

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