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from Us

As a leading manufacturer of PVC decorative film in China, our products are widely used in furniture and door production. With 10 years of experience, we offer the best quality products to meet your needs.

Become Your Go-To Source for PVC Decorative Film Manufacturing

Authentic Colors and Textures

Excellent Flexibility

Good Formability

Fade Resistant

Eco Friendly

Trendy Designs

PVC Decorative Film Applications

PVC decorative films are commonly used in manufacturing furniture, doors, cabinets, wall panels, and other products.

Our PVC decorative film for furniture has exquisite colors and distinct patterns that transform less-appealing pieces of furniture to high-end marvels that buyers adore. This PVC decorative foil provides excellent resistance to scratches and stains. Using these decorative PVC films will distinguish your furniture from those of rivals.

Our PVC wood grain film is made of high-quality, certified material. They have a realistic wood grain texture to them and are free of any phthalates or heavy metals. With our decorative PVC films, you can produce aesthetically pleasing doors that make your customers happy.

art 3d Wallpanels PVC decorative film

LCL FILM offers you PVC decorative wall film for wrapping MDF wall profiles, WPC wall panels, and PVC wall sheets. We created a wide range of modern and trendy designs created specifically for wall claddings like wooden colors, soft colors, wallpaper designs, metallic designs, etc.

Self Adhesive PVC Decorative Foil

The self-adhesive PVC decorative film comes with an adhesive that can stick to almost all materials. It’s also called PVC interior film which is popularly used in interior building decoration. They are available in a vast range of eye-catching colors and patterns that add extra sophistication to surfaces.

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PVC Decorative Film Process Technology

How to use PVC decorative film? For furniture, and door factories, you will need a membrane vacuum press machine for making PVC membrane 3D boards, a PUR laminating line for making PVC overlay 2D panels, a wrapping machine for making PVC wrapped profiles and panels. 

PUR Laminate

Substrates: 2D panels of MDF, plywood, WPC, PVC. Suitable gue: PUR glue. PVC decorative film thickness: 0.14mm-0.5mm, width: 1260mm.


Substrates: profiles of MDF, WPC, PVC. Suitable gue: PUR glue. PVC decorative film thickness: 0.14mm-0.2mm, width: 1250mm.

Partner With Us For Business Growth

We Are A 10-year Professional Decorative PVC Films Manufacturer And Your Partner To Help To Boost Your Business

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve always been committed to producing high-quality PVC decorative foil. During this time, LCL FILM has maintained steady growth and earned an excellent reputation as one of the leaders in the China PVC industry. Our vision is to be recognized globally as the preferred business partner and supplier for high-end furniture film solutions.

10 Years Manufacturing

20+ Exporting Countries

30+ Patents & Certifications

1500+ Colors & Textures


Most frequent questions and answers
  • We serve the global market

LCL Films has multiple warehouses and logistic centers, strategically located to serve entire China. Besides China, we serve clients in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and several other regions.

  • We supply high-grade films.

Before our decorative films get onto the shelves, we check their quality to ensure that clients get only the best. We guarantee that LCL FILMs will never supply you with PVC decorative films that tear, fade, or get scratches quickly.

  • We ship on time

Our warehouses and logistic centers are located in Shandong, Chengdu, Tianjin, Jiangsu, and northeast China. With these strategically located facilities, we promise to deliver your orders on time. Our logistic system will never let you down.

  • We have a wide range to choose from

We design our PVC decorative films to befit the various furniture, door, and cabinet buyers’ varying tastes. In our catalog, you’ll never miss a decorative film with colors and patterns that give furniture that personalized touch that customers love.

  • Our decorative films are durable

We make all our decorative films from quality pigments, PVC, plasticizers, antioxidants, and other ingredients. The films are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and abrasion resilient. They will hold up for years before they wear out. Our films will position your company as a trusted manufacturer of quality furniture, doors, wooden boards, and cabinets.

  • We sell our decorative films at a fair price.

While our PVC decorative films are of high quality, they aren’t expensive. We offer them at a fair price that will not inflate your cabinet, door, or furniture manufacturing costs. As such, you will not need to overcharge your customers.

  • Our decorative films are ecofriendly.

Our PVC decorative films are free of heavy metals, strong odor, and toxic chemicals. Using them will not harm you or your customers. Moreover, we make PVC decorative films according to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the EU. Thus, our decorative films are environmentally friendly.

  • We can tailor the PVC decorative films to match your needs.

Do you need PVC decorative film designed with your unique patterns, colors, logo, size, thickness, and any other specification? If yes, our company can make you a custom-tailored PVC decorative film, at an affordable price.


PVC decorative film is a plastic material made of polyvinyl chloride. Customs clearance is governed by two HS codes.



The MOQ of PVC foil usually comes from 2000 meters per color to 4000 meters per color. 

At LCL FILM, we provide a flexible MOQ policy to support our clients. Contact us for details.

At LCL FILM, we offer over 1500 most popular designs PVC decorative film. We have physical catalogs and PDF catalogs for a preview. Check here to download PDF catalogs.

PVC decorative films have striking patterns that breathe new life to less appealing furniture, cabinets, panels, profiles, and other surfaces.

Even so, furniture makers and woodworkers often encounter various issues while looking to buy or use these decals.

We prepared this FAQ guide to provide solutions to common concerns that we get from customers.

1.    What Is A PVC Decorative Film?

It is a thin sheet with exquisite colors and eye-catching patterns.

You can use it to add some touch of superiority on various surfaces.

At LCL, we design our decorative film from high quality, non-toxic, low carbon PVC, pigments, and plasticizers.

Thus, our films are free of heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, furans, and other harmful compounds.

Using our films will not harm you, your clients, or your environment.

The PVC decorative films come in a range of styles that match each person’s taste. 

2.    What Are PVC Decorative Films Used For?

With an elegant sheen and strong resistance to elements, these films can lift the aesthetics of almost any surface.

You can apply them to furniture, wardrobes, bookshelves, cabinets, doors, speakers, and wooden boards.

Furthermore, you can use these decorative films on ceilings, wall panels, profiles, and window sills.

3.    Can I Apply PVC Decorative Films On Any Material?

Yes, you can apply PVC decorative films on virtually any material used in woodworking or furniture making.

Stick them on steel, wood, MDF, PVC, PWC, particleboard, gypsum board, aluminum, and UPVC, and they will not disappoint.

However, if you want the decorative films to stick strongly, prepare surfaces correctly, get the right film, and use the right adhesive.

4.    Are PVC Decorative Films Easy To Apply And Take Off?

Yes, applying or removing our PVC decorative films is an effortless task.

You just need the right pieces of equipment to get the job done without hiking your labor costs.

So, what are the different ways of applying PVC decorative films?

Here are the four major ones.

  • Membrane press

We recommend membrane press when covering wooden boards, MDF, and the fiberboards used to make doors, wardrobes, and furniture.

Here is a video to illustrate the membrane pressing procedure

This is the most suitable process to apply our PVC decorative film.

  • Vacuum press

Like membrane press, vacuum press is ideal for covering wooden boards used in making wardrobes, doors, cabinets, as well as furniture.

This YouTube video tutorial will walk you through the entire vacuum pressing procedure

  • Wrapping

We recommend wrapping if you are looking to lift the aesthetics of PVC, wood, aluminum, and steel profiles.

You can use the wrapping method when applying PVC decorative films on a window sill, ceiling, or base channels.

Wrapping doesn’t require the use of expensive pieces of equipment.

You can just use a squeegee to stick the decorative films.

  • Cold laminating

Cold lamination is suitable when applying our PVC decorative films on all flat panels.

You can use this method on wood, steel, aluminum, and PVC panels used to make doors and furniture.

  • Hot laminating

Hot laminating is ideal for covering aluminum, steel, and PVC panels for doors.

5.    Air Bubbles Have Formed Under My PVC Decorative Film. Is That Normal?

That isn’t normal.

There is nothing more annoying than those unsightly bubbles under your PVC decorative films.

If ignored, the air bubbles can reduce the aesthetics of your cabinets, profiles, doors, and your furniture.

However, if PVC decorative films bubble up, we have good news.

You can fix the blemish without ripping off the films or starting over again.

Here are simple tips to help you fix the blemish.

  • With a tiny pin, poke a hole in each bubble.
  • Squeegee the film with firm strokes till you get rid of those unsightly bubbles
  • Execute the process cautiously so that you don’t scratch or rip your decorative film.

Removing bubbles can be tedious if you have to fix several bubbles.

Therefore, our experts advise that you use the right film and equipment, and use the right application procedure to avoid future mishaps.

6.    How Much Does PVC Decorative Film Cost?

The cost would depend on the amount you wish to buy and the place you buy from.

For instance, you will pay a hefty price if you order in small quantities from third-party stores.

On the contrary, buying in bulk from the manufacturer will save you several dollars.

7.    What Are The Different Types When It Comes To PVC Decorative Films?

LCL FILMs has several types of PVC decorative films.

The best-selling types on our product catalog are:

  • PVC decorative film for furniture
  • High gloss PVC decorative film
  • Wood grain PVC decorative film
  • Self-adhesive PVC decorative film
  • 3D PVC decorative film
  • PVC decorative film for kitchen cabinets

Each type is designed for various decoration projects.

For instance, the wood grain PVC decorative film is an ideal option for giving non-wooden doors that attractive, wood grain look and feel that people adore.

On the other hand, we designed PVC decorative film for kitchen cabinets specifically for cabinets.

The decorative films for cabinets provide superb resistance to stains and scratches.

For that reason, before you buy, make sure that the film you want is designed for your specific project.

8.    Do PVC Decorative Films Offer UV Protection?

Our PVC decorative films have excellent resistance to UV light.

Using them will shield doors, cabinets, furniture, and any other surface from the effects associated with UV light.

Furniture or cabinet buyers won’t implicate your company for using décors that fade or disintegrate easily when exposed to UV.

9.    How Long Will You Take To Deliver My Decorative Films? Do You Ship Globally?

Our logistic centers are strategically located in Chengdu, Jiangsu, northeast China, Tianjin, and Shandong. 

As such, if you are within China, we will deliver your order within the shortest time possible.

Besides China, we can deliver our PVC decorative film to customers in Europe, the Middle East, the US, and ten other regions.

10.Can You Offer Free Samples Before I Place An Order?

LCL FILMs understand that sometimes you will want to test our PVC decorative films before you place an order.

For that reason, we give our first-time clients a free ten-meter sample for testing and verification.

This free sample would help you order the exact decorate film you need to lift the appearance of doors, furniture, profiles, boards, and cabinets you make.

Feel free to ask for a free sample if you doubt the quality of our PVC decorative film.

11.Can I Return Flawed PVC Decorative Films?

Before we place our PVC decorative films on sale, our team examines their quality.

We ensure that the decorative films’ colors, patterns, and thickness are consistent with our promise.

We don’t sell decorative films with flaws.

Though, if you receive damaged PVC decorative films by mistake, just let us know.

Our team will examine your issue and react accordingly.

12.Can You Produce PVC Decorative Films With Customized Patterns?

Helping you stand out from other furniture companies or rival woodworkers is our top priority.

It is one of the reasons we use customer ideologies to improve our films’ design.

But, if you need a more customized PVC decorative film, contact us.

We will use our advanced technology to design a decorative film with the exact patterns and colors you want.

With our advanced machines, experienced technicians, and an efficient logistic system, we won’t take long to make and deliver your custom order.

13.Will You Offer A Discount If I Order Several PVC Decorative Films?

Yes, we do supply bulk orders at a discounted price.

The majority of furniture making companies out there have been using this trick to cut down their manufacturing expenses.

Besides the discount, buying in bulk will cut down the shipping fees you would have spent regularly buying small orders.

14.Will PVC Decorative Films Stop Furnishings From Fading?

There are several reasons why furnishings fade.

They can fade when exposed to UV light, chemical vapors, excessive heat, moisture, or humidity.

In view of that, we design our PV decorative films to shield furnishings from all these elements.

Our decorative films are virtually resistant to UV, water, chemicals, and humidity.

As such, using them would protect doors, furniture, cabinets, and any other furnishing from fading.

They are an excellent way to give your customers more value.

Customers will not mind buying more high-quality products from your company.

15.What Are The Benefits Of Using Your PVC Decorative Films?

There are several benefits of using our PVC decorative films.

The obvious ones are:

  • Increased product value

Besides aesthetics, our decorative films will add more value to your products.

They will enhance the cleanability of cabinets, furniture, and any other product.

The decals will also protect furniture, profiles, cabinets, and wood boards from scratches and harsh weather elements.

  • Improved sales

Eye-catching, high-quality products will always win the hearts of many customers.

Many leading furniture manufacturers have been using our PVC decorative films to get an edge against rivals.

  • Improved customer loyalty

Our stylish and durable PVC decorative films will not fade quickly, wear out easily, or even get unsightly scratches.

For that reason, customers will keep buying from your company.

  • Increased edge against competitors

We sell our PVC decorative films at a fair price.

They will let you decorate your furniture without increasing your production costs.

With the elegant, high quality, and inexpensive products, we guarantee that competitors will never outsmart you easily.

16.How Do I Get A Quote For My PVC Decorative Films?

There are three ways to get your free quote.

First, you can request it through our official website.

Fill the “Request a Quote” form and submit it.

We will send the quote within a day.

Second, you can just send us a direct email through our address

Our sales team will respond appropriately within the shortest time possible.

If you don’t have enough time to wait or fill forms, call our sales team directly through +86-18628030385 or +86-28-65097038.

17.How Do I Know The Right PVC Decorative Film For My Project?

While we offer several PVC decorative films, choosing the right type for your project isn’t a complex ordeal.

Here are quick tips to put in mind when looking for the right type:

  • Look around for a type designed for the specific material you wish to decorate
  • Buy a decorative film with colors and patterns that your customers love.
  • Ask LCL FILM’s sales team to recommend the right type for you.
18.Is It true That PVC Decorative Films Are Virtually Resistant To Scratches?

We make our decorative films from pure PVC, a material with excellent resistance to abrasion.

You can use these decals on surfaces that are highly prone to scratching with no issue.

However, our PVC decorative films aren’t totally resistant to scratches.

They can get scratched by sharp objects.

Given that, we recommend that you treat decorative films with caution when applying them and when shipping your products to the end-user.

19.What Is The Life Expectancy Of A PVC Decorative Film?

With their strong resistance to elements and scratches, our PVC decorative films can last for a sensible period before they give up.

However, the life expectancy will vary depending on the type of film and the type of surface it is applied to.

As well, a decorative film’s life expectancy will vary depending on the intensity of use and abuse the film receives.

20.What Are The Right Tools Or Equipment To Apply PVC Decorative Films?

If you are looking to apply PVC decorative film on a large scale, we suggest that you invest in a membrane vacuum press machine or a heat roll laminator.

These machines are designed to help you apply various decals on plywood, MDF, steel, aluminum, and any other boards.

They take little time, and they need minimal labor to get the job done.

Furthermore, membrane vacuum press machines and heat roll laminators minimize bubbling and wrinkling.