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Explore our color collections for interior design in 2022. Here are the combinations of patterns, colours and materials that bring you inspirations.


PVC Membrane Doors Inspirations

At LCL FILM, we offer 1000+ woodgrain patterns and colors for making high-quality PVC membrane doors that sell well. Discover what’s in 2022.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets Inspirations

Our popular colors for making thermo-foil kitchen cabinets are white high gloss, walnut wood grain colors, cherry wood grain colors, etc. Find out more.

Furniture Inspirations

There are many unique designs and colors of PVC foils for furniture, you can choose one that best suits your designs.

PVC Foil Wrapped Wall Profiles Inspirations

The interior wall is becoming a more important part when doing interior decoration engineering. LCL FILM provides you with the most popular colors for making wall profiles in 2022.

Color Ranges

Discover our wide range of colors include woodgrain, plain colors, marble, stone, concrete, metallic, and fabric.

Membrane Press

Learn more about the process of membrane press.

Cold Laminate

Learn more about the process of cold laminate.

PUR Laminate

Learn more about the process of PUR laminate.


Learn more about the process of wrapping.