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LCL FILM Factory Whosale, OEM Service, Engineering Vinyl Decor Film Customization

Custom Vinyl Wrap For Your Interior Engineering Project

We produce self-adhesive vinyl in woodgrain, plain colors, marble, stone, concrete, and fabric designs for your interior decoration engineering. MOQ starts from 50 meters/color.

Refurbish Your House

To Make It A Vibrant Place

  • Material: PVC + self-adhesive back paper
  • Roll Size: 1220mm * 50M
  • Ideal Application Temperature: 12℃ ~ 38℃ (54F ~ 100F)
  • Storage Conditions: Ideal storage temperature: 12℃ ~ 35℃, store the film in a clean dry environment free from direct sunlight. Use within 2 years of purchase.
  • Package: 50M/roll packed in carton box
  • OEM: Dealers’ brands are welcome


Woodgrain Vinyl Wrap

With the technology in mind for furniture, LCL furniture vinyl wrap wood are with super flatness after laminating on wood panels. And with no white edge or break after vacuum pressing on MDF panel. When you want to refresh your furnitures at home by manual working. LCL self adhesive furniture vinyl wrap is your first choice. It has superior self adhesive performance and easy to install. It remains new and wood affect for over 10 years.

High gloss Vinyl Wrap

The furniture vinyl wrap were the first in line to introduce the furniture films, and we are pioneers in that, providing you with the best wrap designs according to your needs. The most important quality standards for high gloss furniture vinyl wrap are mirror glossy effect and anti-yellowing property. LCL FILM guarantee the both.

Solid Color Vinyl Wrap

With customer satisfaction in mind, we provide you with the superior quality of white color furniture vinyl wrap.The most advantage of LCL white color vinyl wrap is its UV-resistant ability. It will not fade away to yellow color under sunlight. We provide both soft touch solid colors and textured solid colors.

Metal Brush Vinyl Wrap

LCL FILM metal brush vinyl wraps are various in golden, silver, platinum, loyal blue, rose gold, black, bronze etc.

Marble Stone Vinyl

The new marble stone vinyl wraps are not only featured in the most popular colors but also featured in authentic tactile.

Fabric Velvet Vinyl

Textile and velvet colors are free for using on wallcoverings, gift boxes wraps. They have a texture of real fabric and velvet cloth.


























Why Buy

A Self Adhesive Vinyl Wrap From LCL Film

Superior Quality

The increasing popularity of the vinyl wraps in recent years is all due to its aestheticism in its appearance. Though this aesthetic appearance amounts to nothing if the foil finish is of poor quality. In our organization, we manufacture the foil finish with the highest quality materials in China, providing you with superior quality foils than anywhere else. This provides us with the customer satisfaction that we aim for with the development of our products.


There is a general notion amongst the public that the installation of the furniture film is quite a costly process; nothing could be further from the truth though a lack of research does provide with several inexperienced and expensive suppliers. We provide the most affordable furniture vinyl wrap, having customer satisfaction all over the globe. We provide the most affordable products, without compromising on quality.


The main concern when using the vinyl furniture film is the impact on the environment. Since these products are formed of thermoplastic, a polymer known to have a severe effect on the environment, though the manufacturers making these types of products can minimize the harmful effects by strictly following the FDA and CE guidelines. We pride ourselves in the production of odorless and non-toxic films, following all the legal requirements mandated.

LCL FILM® is a renowned brand in the furniture vinyl wrap sector in China. We are dedicated to supplying high-quality PVC vinyl wrap for furniture. They are various in wooden colors and textures and are cost-effective. The process is simple and efficient.

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Furniture Vinyl Wrap Comprehensive FAQ

Do You Have Any Concerns Related To Furniture Vinyl Wraps? You Are In The Right Place.Our Comprehensive FAQ Guide Provides Solutions To Common Problems Encountered By Our Customers.Read Through To Find A Quick Solution To Your Predicament.

Most frequent questions and answers about Furniture Vinyl Wrap

It is a high-quality, flexible film for decorating dressers, cupboards, cabinets, drawers, and other furniture types.

We make this furniture decal from vinyl, a versatile plastic resin that can endure wear and tear for many years.

Furniture vinyl wraps have varying colors that match the taste of each person out there.

If your furniture customers love high-gloss, wood grain, glossy white, 3D, or white finishes, our company, LCL Films, has the right furniture vinyl wrap.

Applying our vinyl wrap on furniture isn’t complicated.

You can either wrap them manually or use a vacuum membrane press machine.  

For manual wrapping, just follow these simple steps.

  • Sand rough surfaces until they feel smooth to the touch
  • If you have just painted the surfaces, let the paint dry before applying your furniture vinyl wrap.
  • Clean the furniture surface you wish to dress
  • Spread the vinyl wrap on the surface you want to cover
  • Use a squeegee to stick the vinyl wrap for furniture

We recommend wrapping if you are using a self-adhesive furniture vinyl wrap.

If you have a large furniture decorating project, use a vacuum membrane press machine to stick our wrap on the boards.

Unlike wrapping, vacuum membrane press machines will help you cover large surfaces within a short time.

This video tutorial will walk you through the process.

You can wrap plastic, stainless steel, wood, MDF, veneer, chipboard, plywood, particleboard, and any other material used to make furniture.

If you intend to stick our furniture vinyl wrap on wood, plywood, or any other lumber, make sure that the surface of these materials is smooth.

Otherwise, the furniture vinyl wrap will not stick for a prolonged period.

Our furniture vinyl wraps are great for your business, your clients, and your environment.

Here are the benefits you would get from these wraps.

  • Improved furniture’s looks

Our vinyl wraps’ attractive colors will boost the aesthetics of tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, and any other furniture.

They are an ideal way to attract more buyers and outsmart rival furniture makers who rely on paint.

  • Eco-friendly furniture

We manufacturer our vinyl wraps from low-carbon and less toxic compounds.

The wraps are free of heavy metals, Bisphenol A, and toxic phthalates. Using them will never harm you or your customers.

Moreover, our vinyl wraps will not pollute your environment.

  • Increased value of furniture

Our vinyl wraps have excellent resistance to scratches, stains, water damage, fading, and corrosion.

Using them will extend the lifespan of your furniture. In fact, with our vinyl wraps, your company will develop and maintain the reputation of making high-quality products.

  • The increased edge against competitors

We designed our vinyl wraps to help your business withstand fierce market competition.  How?

Their striking colors will attract more customers, and their high quality will improve customer loyalty.

Into the bargain, our vinyl wraps’ low price would help you make a profit even if you sell your furniture at a lower price.

The process depends on the type of surface you wish to wrap.

For wood, plywood, and similar substrates:

  • Sand the surface till it feels smooth
  • Get rid of sawdust, and any other contaminant on the wooden surface.
  • Paint or laminate the surface
  • Apply our furniture vinyl wrap after the paint dries or after the laminate cures.

For plastic, metal, and other non-porous surfaces:

  • Clean the surfaces with soapy water
  • Dry them with a lint-free towel
  • Apply our furniture vinyl wrap immediately you dry the surface

Without surface preparation, the furniture vinyl wraps will not stick firmly.

They will start bubbling, wrinkling, or peeling after a few days.

Our furniture vinyl wraps are just but thin plastic films designed to lift your furniture’s looks.

While they can withstand light abrasions, they aren’t entirely proof.

You can scratch them by sharp objects.

As a result, we advise that you handle these furniture decals carefully at your workshop.

Otherwise, they will get unsightly scratches that will compromise the quality or aesthetics of your furniture.

Customers won’t buy furniture with scratches.

Our furniture vinyl wraps can take 12- 24 hours to set on surfaces.

The time will vary depending on your indoor or outdoor temperatures.

For instance, the furniture vinyl wrap can take just a few hours to set during hot temperatures.

On the contrary, the vinyl wrap’s adhesive will take longer to cure during those chilly days.

If you want the vinyl wrap to cure within the shortest time, wrap your furniture in a controlled workshop.

Yes, our furniture vinyl wrap can hide minor imperfections on your furniture.

You can use it to hide color inconsistencies on wood, minor scratches on plastic, and slight corrosion on metallic surfaces.

Furthermore, you can use our furniture vinyl wrap to conceal discoloration and bad paint jobs.

On the contrary, our furniture vinyl wraps cannot conceal warps, dents, gouges, cracks, and any other major imperfection on wood.

So, if your furniture has major imperfections, fix them before you apply furniture vinyl wraps.

Sometimes, a furniture vinyl wrap can develop unsightly bubbles or wrinkles shortly after you stick them on surfaces.

If you bump into such a state, we have good news.

You can eliminate those unsightly wrinkles or bubbles without reaping off your decals or having to re-apply them again.

How? Here are tips that would sort you out quickly

  • With a sharp pin, poke a small hole in the bubble.
  • Use a heat gun to heat the area around the bubbled vinyl wrap.
  • Squeegee over the area until you get rid of the bubbles or wrinkles.

You can minimize bubbling and wrinkling by preparing surfaces correctly and using the right application procedure.

While both wraps are made from vinyl, they are different.

Car vinyl wraps are thinner, and their adhesive doesn’t bond with surfaces permanently.

You can remove car vinyl wraps easily, without damaging a car’s paint.

On the contrary, our furniture vinyl wraps are thicker than car vinyl wraps.

They are thick enough to enhance your furniture’s looks, and minimize scratches, abrasion, fading, and water damage.

When applied professionally, furniture, vinyl wraps can stay on furniture for many years.

Removing furniture vinyl wraps from surfaces isn’t easy.

No, we designed our furniture vinyl wraps to stick on surfaces for several years.

If you apply them correctly, they will not start lifting or peeling after a few years.

Into the again, our furniture vinyl wraps have a protective layer that protects them against UV light and corrosion.

They will not start fading after a short while.

Given that, your furniture buyers will not cease to buy your furniture simply because they fade, scratch, or start peeling after a few days of purchase.

On average, furniture vinyl wraps can last for more than ten years.

Yes, you can apply furniture vinyl wrap on kitchen worktops.

However, our experts suggest avoiding applying these furniture vinyl wraps on worktops that are meant to be used for chopping.

Chopping will tear, peel, or scratch the surfaces.

So, your customers are likely to view your worktop decorating project as substandard.

As well, we advise that you refrain from using these furniture decals on worktops that are near an oven.

LCL FILMS, the leading manufacturer and supplier of furniture decals, has several types of furniture vinyl wraps.

The best-selling on our catalog are:

  • Furniture vinyl wrap white color
  • Furniture vinyl wrap glossy white
  • Furniture vinyl wrap wood
  • Self-adhesive furniture vinyl wrap
  • 3D wood furniture vinyl wrap
  • High-gloss furniture vinyl wrap
  • Metallic effect furniture vinyl wrap

Each type is designed to let you achieve various aesthetic styles.

For example, our furniture vinyl wrap wood gives furniture the real feel and texture of the actual wood grain. 

The wood grain vinyl wrap is excellent for styling tables, cabinets, chairs, doors, drawers, and bookshelves. 

Our furniture vinyl wraps feature a salient luster that can please anyone out there.

You will not need any other decal to improve their looks.

However, if you feel like our decal needs some unique touch-ups, you can add any self-adhesive furniture decal on this vinyl wrap.

As an alternative, you can request us to make you a furniture vinyl wrap with the specific appearance you want.

We design these vinyl wraps to bond on surfaces strongly.

Thus, removing them would be labor-intensive, or it could damage your furniture.

However, if you encounter a situation that forces you to peel off this vinyl wrap from your furniture, use the tips below.

  • Heat the vinyl wrap until it feels soft.
  • Lift the furniture vinyl wrap from one edge
  • Use both hands to pull it back.
  • Reheat the wrap whenever it fails to peel effortlessly

If you want a price quote, send an email to our sales team through

Our professional team will send the price quote promptly.

As an alternative, you can get your free price quote by clicking on the “Free Quote” tab, located after the product description of the vinyl wrap you wish to buy.

If you want a price quote right away, just call us through +86-19827800548

Our support team is professional, friendly, and courteous.

They will treat you with the respect you deserve.

If you want high-quality furniture wraps at a competitive price, buy directly from our company LCL FILMs, based in Foshan, China.

We supply our furniture vinyl wraps at the most competitive market price.

In fact, selling our decals at a fair price is part of our business culture.

It is one reason why many furniture makers and woodworkers from China, the Middle East, the US, and Europe regard LCL as the number one decal supplier.

It will depend on the type of furniture vinyl wrap you have.

For the self-adhesive vinyl wrap, you will just need a squeegee, heat gun, and sharp blades.

For furniture vinyl wraps that lack an adhesive, you will need a vacuum membrane pressing machine to apply them on surfaces.

With logistic centers in Foshan, northeast China, Shandong, Tianjin, and Chengdu, we can ship your order within the shortest time.

Your order will never delay.

This comes as no surprise that there are quite many different companies dealing in the furniture vinyl wrap, with promises that they provide the best of quality available. The question will arise in your mind why should you choose us for this service, here are some reasons we diversify ourselves from others making sure that we are the ones you want for film supplies for your furniture.

Your Number One Furniture Vinyl Wrap Supplier- LCL Film

LCL Film- A better quality technology Furniture Vinyl Wrap Manufacturer

Flashback to a few years back and the world does not know what a furniture vinyl wrap is, and then they were introduced initially as décor papers for the furniture and doors.

With the increasing demand in the market, we continue with our development, incorporating new ideas, and developing a better-quality technology for you day by day.

We provide you with the trendiest furniture vinyl foil to the most popular and comprehensive organizations.

The LCL film is a renowned and leading supplier in the world of furniture vinyl wrap to the industries.

With the commitment to our clients and ensuring the fastest delivery and turnaround time, we make it our priority to serve our customers and reach the customer satisfaction to a whole new level, while not shying away from meeting the highest possible industry standards.

For any queries and orders, get in touch with us without hesitation. Customer service is our priority, and our staff will provide you answers to all your queries immediately. We also offer you a free sample before the first purchase.

Ever-Ready Customer Support

We understand the frustration that comes from clients when they have to deal with customer services who do not listen to their problems and needs. That is why we based a system that prioritizes the needs of our customers and is always ready to help with the client’s needs.

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