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Color Matching To RENOLIT PVC Foils

Color Matching To RENOLIT PVC Foils

Renolit has been in business since 1946 and is one of the most reputed suppliers of PVC foil in the world. The company is committed to developing modern designs and has advanced production technology.

A major application for Renolit PVC foils is in the interior of the building and home improvement industry. In the production of luxury furniture and interior doors, Renolit PVC foils are often used.


Renolit designs tend to be very popular with designers. Is it possible to find foils that match Renolit PVC foils during the manufacturing process?

The answer is yes.


With LCL FILM, you can customize PVC foils to match your exact color scheme.

We are a professional manufacturer of PVC foil with 15 years’ of experience. Typically, we can finish a sample in 7-14 days through our professional color-matching service.


The 2 steps to making color-matching PVC foils are as follows.

  1. Send us a sample
  2. If you’re looking for a similar match, we’ll have a sample ready in no time. Looking for the same thing? We can do that too!



Since the first PVC foil production in 2009, we’re committed to providing our clients with excellent color-matching services. You can get a perfect color match for your product in a simple way with our color-matching service and can rest assured that the colors will never be mismatched.


Consult Us for a color-matching sample now!


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