The 3 Application Methods of PVC Foil

How to applicate PVC foil on furniture boards, door skins, cabinet doors, furniture profiles?

While there are 3 main application methods you can adopt in the productions.

1 Vacuum press forming/membrane press forming/thermoforming

If you want to produce 3D membrane door panels, grooved kitchen cabinet doors, or 3D furniture front boards, the best machine to use is a vacuum press machine. Check this video to learn about the process.

2 Laminating machine (cold laminating line/PUR laminating line)

If you want to laminate PVC foil on flat panels and boards, such as plywood panels, lightwood panels, MDF panels, you will need a laminating line. PUR laminating line helps you to make good laminates products. Check the process video.

3. Wrapping Machine

If you want to make PVC-wrapped window profiles, skirting profiles, wall profiles, you will need a wrapping machine. Check the below video.

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