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First-Class Quality PVC Foil Leading Manufacturer
Fill limited space with infinite artistry. PVC foil is a new type of interior furniture finishing material. More than an authentic grain of solid wood, it can be in any color from your wildest dream.
Self-adhesive Vinyl
Easy peel and stick, make your space never goes out of fashion. Self-adhesive vinyl is a removable sticker that you can use to refurbish everything. Furniture, doors, cabinets, walls, cars, tables, DIY art crafts etc.


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Ten Years of Efforts between You and Us Has Witnessed Both The Adversity and Prosperity of LCL FILM.

LCL FILM is a leading PVC foil manufacturer based in China. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve always been committed to producing high-quality PVC foils for interior furniture. During this time, LCL FILM has maintained steady growth and earned an excellent reputation as a leader in the PVC industry.

Our growth story can not live without your close cooperation and great support. Thank you to all of you! And we gratitude for the friendship we have received during the past ten decades. Alongside, we look forward to more potential friends who could join our big family shortly.



Substrate: MDF boards/Aluminum boards/Plywood Thickness:0.3-0.5mm Width:1260/1400mm Processing: Thermoforming(3D foil) Laminating(2D foil)

Wall Panel

Substrate: PVC/WPC/Aluminum/Plywood panels and profiles Thickness:0.12-0.2mm Width:1260mm Processing: Wrapping/Laminating


Substrate: Aluminum/PVC/WPC Profiles Thickness:0.12-0.2mm Width:1260mm Processing: Wrapping


Substrate: PVC/WPC laminates Thickness:0.12-0.2mm Width:1260/1280mm Processing: thermo-stamping, laminating


Substrate: MDF boards Thickness:0.2-0.35mm Width:1260/1400mm Processing: Thermoforming(3D foil)

Steel Panel

Substrate: aluminum/stainless steel sheet Thickness:0.18-0.25mm Width:1260mm Processing: Thermo laminating

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